Jakarta Surface Show

Indonesia’s growing construction industry, particularly in buildings sector which is projected to take up 57% of the construction project shares in 2024, opens up the market for building materials and coverings such as wood, ceramic, stone, concrete, plastic, rubber, fabric and other materials to cover the surface from flooring, wall, ceiling. Recognising the market demand, Jakarta Surface Show is designed to inspire, enrich and expand networking among professionals in the design and architecture fields, by presenting an array of fine natural stones and quality surface materials to meet all kinds of building requirements. Set as a B2B event, the Jakarta Surface Show comprises of exhibition and value-packed activities such as conference, workshop and seminar to offer exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge.
MixB with trade professionals of the industry and gain insights on trends and insights which drive the market at Jakarta Surface Show.

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Programs & Activities

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Global Meetings Programme
  • Seminars
  • Conferences